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moboevo is the shop for consumers to experience (view, buy, rent, demo) different mobile outdoor recreational products. Moboevo curating and sells next generation, power-assisted, outdoor recreation and personal transportation products for land and water. Through our retail and technology connections, moboevo has partnered with leading brands who share our values and vision in the outdoor recreation transportation and personal transportation market. The leading brands make-up different segments of the next gen, bikes, boards, and beyond markets. Moboevo showcases these brands at our flagship retail location in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin which will allow consumers to experience the brands in one retail footprint. As moboevo grows, we will expand our retail footprint to strategically selected locations across the US beginning in our founding state Wisconsin. Near-term and driven by our passion for technology and customer experience, moboevo uses our mobile/online channels to expand our customer base and brand recognition.


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MoboEvo: Bikes-Boards-Beyond has all that you could possibly need, and so much more. All our rental products are made with great materials that are made to last. Get in touch to find out more about this option, or stop by our shop to try it out in person today.

Trails to Lakes

This fantastic California Cruiser Electric Bike is one of our most popular rental products and is currently in stock. This item is loved by all of our customers for its great quality, but also for its unbeatable price. We provide a variety of customizable options for you to choose from. Stop by MoboEvo: Bikes-Boards-Beyond to test one out today. We’re sure you’ll love it.

Want to learn more or view our full selection? Get in touch and stop by the shop today.

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Trails to Lakes we got you covered!


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Ecolicious Construction follows a simple recipe: Plant-based resins replace toxic petroleum based chemicals: sustainable and responsibly harvested wood stringers and laminates reduce fiberglass use: recycled and recyclable bioplastic leash plugs and handles minimize the footprint. These boards are designed and lovingly crafted in the USA. Without sacrificing performance, durability or weight, Invert Ecolicious SUPs are the most Mother loving boards on the planet. Ride responsibly!

Environmentally Friendly & Eco Fun

Dan Hutter and Mark Radler first came up with the concept in March of 2018. Shortly after, they decided to partner up on the project to bring concept to fruition. Dan is a retail veteran and outdoor enthusiast/advocate, who has spent years bringing sustainable solutions to markets as a chief sustainability officer for international corporations. Dan’s passion for co-founding moboevo is to share next generational products with local communities that are built for/with respect to the environment in which they are used.  Mark Radler a business owner & entrepreneur, who has worked at major financial and technology companies.  Mark lives for adventure.  Mark believes we are at the product intersection of fusing technology and eco-fun together and wants others to experience built or used sustainable products that positively impact current and future generations.