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Electic Bikes


Best Selections: Yamaha, Kona and BH Bikes offer the best all around ebikes solutions from city commute, off road and mountain.

Laid Back Recumbent: HP Velotechnik and ICE are the leaders in recumbent trikes with unmatched comfort and quality.

Speciality: VanRaam produces specialty tricycles, wheelchair bikes, tandem, double/quad rider bikes and low step through trikes.

Classic: Vintage Electric Bikes thrives at an innovative intersection of timeless aesthetics and future modernity.

Fat Tire: Rambo and QuietKat for extreme on/off road experiences for the outdoor enthuist.

Cruising: Electric Bike Company is the California cruiser with comfort and style.

Family: VanRaam Bunch cargo bike and turn your everyday errands into fun family adventures.

Kids: Burromax is the ultimate kids electric motorbike.

Non-electric bikes available with Kona, HP, ICE, VanRaam and Bunch Cargo

Water Sports


Electric Surfboard: Radinn Fusing the thrills of both motor and water sports, jetboarding is the new big player in water sports.

Kayaks: Outdoor experiences from FeelFree, Native Watercraft and Hurricane offering pedal, paddle and electric powered fun.

Wing-Surfing / Kiteboarding / Foilboards / SUPs: Naish fuses top engineers and athletes with cutting edge technologies.

Paddle Boards: Solace SUP is pushing boundaries using sustainable materials without hindering quality and performance.

Electric SUP: SUP Jet is the world's first hardbody paddle board with built-in electric drive motor.