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Radinn Jetboards

Fusing the thrills of both motor and water sports, jetboarding is the new big player when it comes to action sports. We took the breathtaking experience of freedom that a surfboard can give you and infused the electrifying adrenaline rush that only motor sports evokes.

$9,600.00 - $15,140.00
$10,800.00 - $16,340.00
$8,400.00 - $13,940.00

moboevo is an Authorized Radinn Dealer


Jetpacks are real

Our jetpack, the G2X, is not only real. It is an extremely powerful electrically driven water jet engine. It has been meticulously designed and built to fit as a part of our power train. A power train with which you can either go on exploring excursions with the family or race against practically anything on the water. All depending on what power level you choose for your jetpack.