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HP Velotechnik

HP Velotechnik has 17 different models and can be customized to meet your needs. Contact moboevo to build your Dream Machine.

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The Build at moboevo

2 Wheel Recumbent available a moboevo. Grasshopper, Streetmachine and the Speedmachine

Why moboevo chose HP Velotechnik for our Trikes

Available in Electric and Non-Electric


The Main Reason is the Design/Engineering

  • Patented HP Velotechnik Dual Fold System.

  • German engineered with a foldable compact design to full riding in 10 seconds.

  • Trikes are large bikes and to be able to fold a trike and make it compact and portable.

  • Can be parked vertically to save space and rollers to easily maneuver while folded up.

  • All components remain mounted on the trike in the folded position with E-Drive.

  • 10 Year Warranty on Frame.

Great Selection for All: Sizes/Ages, Levels for Beginners, Advanced, Performance and Assistance Needs

Gekko 26 USA: 26” rear wheel

High pleasure for low budget, comfortable, rigid entry level trike, non-foldable. In stock in the US.

Gekko fx20: 20” wheels

Fastest folding trike for any ride - nimble, foldable all-round trike

Gekko fx26: 26” rear wheel

Long wheelbase, dynamic performance - brisk, foldable touring trike


Gekko fxs: small

Grows with your needs - great trike for short people - foldable


Driving enjoyment on 3 wheels, lightweight sporty trekking trike, non-foldable and no suspension

Scorpion fx

Rides great. Folds fast touring trike with no suspension

Scorpion fs20: 20" wheels

Full suspension, foldable action trike

Scorpion fs26: 26” rear wheel

Optimally smooth Ride, The full-suspension Speed-Trike and foldable

Scorpion fs26 Enduro

Automotive chassis full suspension for an impressive off-road experience and foldable

Scorpion fs26 S-Pedelec

Full suspension touring electric trike with 400-watt rear wheel hub motor, foldable

Scorpion plus 20 and 26

Higher, wider, more comfortable!. The full-suspension SUV-Trike, foldable

The designers of HP Velotechnik transferred what the sport-van-class makes up into the construction of these trikes. While situating you on this high seated vehicle, we want you to have an extraordinary overview in almost every situation.


Grasshopper fx (2-Wheel Recumbent)

fast and comfortable, foldable touring recumbent

Streetmachine Gte (2-Wheel Recumbent)

going for the long haul? long distance tourer

Speedmachine (2-Wheel Recumbent)

Lower. Faster. Further. Race recumbent!

Customize your HP Velotechnik with the Configurator or Contact moboevo and for assistance,

HP Velotechnik Configurator

Comfort and Style are #1

  • Seats ergonomically designed & adjustable inclined shaped backrest.

  • Frame cross members is bent backwards to easily access the seat without obstruction.

  • Pedal positioned significantly higher than the seat for efficient power transmission.

  • Comfortable ergo handlebars under the seat. Wrist and neck muscles are relieved.

  • Very safe braking action due to the low center of gravity and the long wheel base.

  • Sophisticated steering geometry has no effect on the steering when braking.

  • Standard colors to choose from and hundreds of RAL custom colors.

Full-Line of Accessories: HP Velotechnik offers the best accessories right from the start – here are a few…

  • Standard pedals, pedals with heal straps, ergo safety pedals, ergo pedal with leg support.

  • The Stand-Up supports provide a firm grip and come in handy to lift yourself from the seat.

  • Hand Rest: a real increase in comfort for all trike riders.

  • Walking Aid with easy insertion, safe transport and fast removal.

  • B&M LED headlights, B&M brake lights and WingBling turn indicator front and back. 

  • Adjustable fenders from Trikefender offers an excellent splash protection.

  • Tire Options: Standard Schwalbe Tryker, heavier Marathon Plus, fast Schwalbe Kojak.

  • Protection against wind and weather: The Streamer - transparent and unbreakable.                        

          (Not available with Stand-Up supports accessory)

Electric Drive: HP Velotechnik offers the best solutions for an E-Drive on a Trike. With the electric drives you pedal, and a powerful motor supports you up to three times your pedaling power, depending on the system.

Shimano's STEPS E5000 is their lightest, most silent yet most affordable e-bike system integrated in the front boom.
Up to 20 mph, 250W, 8-speed, Li-Ion 418 Wh, walk aid 4 mph, up to 91 miles
Shimano's STEPS E8000 series is for mountain bikers or the demanding trike rider.
Up to 20 mph, 250W, 11-speed, Li-Ion 418 Wh, walk aid 4 mph, up to 50 miles.