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Burley MyKick Balance Bike
Kids don't realize that they can't do things. They just try. So even if your child isn't ready to pedal a bike, The MyKick balance bike lets them power along just by kicking. Your kids will quickly learn to coast and balance on two wheels. It's the natural evolution from riding in our bike trailers. With an adjustable seat post and handlebars, it grows with your child. Give your kids a jump on riding a bike with the Burley MyKick. - Comfortable rubber grips - Easily adjustable, kid-sized seat - Rubber, long lasting, flat-free tires - Quality, spoked wheels - Ball bearing hubs and headset
VanRaam Easy Rider Jr (Small Adult/Kids Tricycle)
$3,228.00 - $6,250.00
The Easy Rider Junior tricycle is specially designed for children, who have difficulties with stability. This sturdy and smooth tricycle with a low step through has a seating with backrest and therefore, gives more support than a cycle with a regular saddle. The frame has a suspension for optimal comfort. The comfortable forward pedalling position makes the cycle sporty. The Easy Rider Junior is available with various options, such as a direction indicator set, arm rests, foot fixation and an electric engine for power assist.
VanRaam Midi Tricycle (Small Adults / Kids)
$2,946.00 - $5,836.00
The Midi is a trendy tricycle designed for younger users or shorter people. It is a smooth-running three-wheeler with a solid finish and beautiful design. Obviously the Midi is available with various options, such as a stationary crank, foot fixation and an electric engine for power assist.
HP Velotechnik Gekko FXS 20 SMALL (Foldable)
$4,690.00 - $12,193.00
The Trike That Grows with Your Needs Gekko fxs: Our Best Trike for Kids with Special Needs and Great Trike for Short People Seat height: 36 cm (14.2") BB height: 37 - 44 cm (14.6 - 17.3") Wheel size: 20" (ETRTO 406) Weight: from 19.5 kg (39 lbs) with pedals 10 year frame warranty if registered Payload: max. 100 kg (220 lbs) Rider size: 1.15 - 1.80 m (3'9"-5'11") The Gekko fxs is the adaptive trike that grows with your kid! There can be many reasons why a conventional upright bike is not suitable for your child. At HP Velotechnik, we believe that cycling should be a natural part of every childhood and also be safe and convenient for short adults. That’s why this tricycle now also makes children with special needs smile – and you, as parents, will certainly do the same, too. The Gekko fxs has been specially developed for children, young people with disabilities and other short persons and can easily be adapted to fit body sizes from 115 to 180 centimeters (4' to 5’11”). If your child has difficulty maintaining his or her balance on an upright bike, then in many cases he or she will be able to sit on this stable tricycle securely, even at a standstill. And if it is otherwise difficult for your child to perform a smooth pedaling movement, it will be much easier to train and encourage when your child is safely seated in the comfortable recumbent seat of this special needs tricycle. This is also recognized by the German health insurance system: Thanks to the medical aid number (, it is now possible in many cases to cover the costs. Safe Mobility Our Smallest Tricycle for People with Special Abilities Your child can lean back, relax and always see the two front wheels to stay aware of the width of its trike, also when riding in narrow passages. Because the Gekko fxs is designed with only one rear wheel at the back just like a regular children’s bike, we can install individually suitable, easy-to-use shifting technology from our modular system for your kid. Meanwhile, your child can look forward to the full range of beautiful bicycle bags or practical bicycle baskets thanks to the robust standard luggage carrier to transport his or her favorite items. Especially for handicapped children, parents often hope for more normality, more mobility and the greatest possible independence – the adaptive Gekko fxs rehabilitation and therapy trike can make an important contribution here. Isn’ it amazing that with the Gekko fxs trike, so much good for health and quality of life can be such fun to ride for your kid, too! The Gekko fxs will stand and ride particularly safely – even for inexperienced riders in fast curves or people with a limited sense of balance. The “tadpole” tricycle design with the two wheels at the front and the rider’s low center of gravity ensure particularly good stability when braking in tight turns. The crossbar of the reinforced frame connects the two front wheels elegantly while sweeping significantly further rearwards to the seat than on other trikes. This creates a lot of space between the two front wheels for easy boarding, even with the special needs of physically impaired persons. Special advantage: Your child can see the width of his vehicle directly from the two front wheels at any time – safer for himself and others than would be possible with conventional rehab bikes or simple bicycles with support wheels at the rear. This tricycle enables the child to move independently in many cases despite its handicap. At the same time, physiotherapeutic therapy is enhanced and individual support and equilibrium reactions, as well as movement coordination, are trained. In the recumbent bike position, your child can pedal with less strain on the knees and can precisely regulate the muscular load. The high pedal position of the Gekko fxs above the seat enables effective power support on the backrest and gives the driver a relaxed, streamlined posture. The open position of the upper body prevents constricting pressure on the abdominal cavity and the organs. Instead, the lungs can fully unfold. How many bikes does your child need to grow up? With HP Velotechnik, the answer is simple: Exactly one! Thanks to the Triple Vario design for body sizes between 115 and 180 centimeters (4'-5’11”), the Gekko fxs trike simply grows with your child’s height. The whole vehicle was developed from scratch to incorporate an impressively sensitive full suspension in a sleek and lean design delivering superior performance. The wishbone axle geometry and HP Velotechnik’s unique Stabilizer System, with its anti-roll bar integrated into the frame design allow full use of the ample suspension travel. It is finely tuned to perfectly respond to the forces of the road. The low seat and far higher pedal position highlight the agile adult trike’s sporty character. You can feel the benefits of this masterpiece of finest German trike engineering immediately when cutting your first corner:
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