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Vintage Electric Bikes ROADSTER
$7,135.00 - $7,715.00
SPEED • 20/36* MPH RANGE • 40-75 MILES CHARGE TIME • 4.5 HRS ROADSTER This contoured-to-perfection retro beauty embraces speed with a contagious abandon that will have you whooping for joy the very first time you hop on and hit the throttle. We purposefully built plenty of exquisite detail into the upscale Roadster, from smoothing front suspension and a hydro-formed aluminum frame to full-throttled power and a well-juiced 1123-watt hour battery. With bonafides like these, be prepared for an all-consuming, passionate affair that will take you from home to office abuzz in the breeze, as well as out larking after hours in pursuit of open roads and your next favorite watering hole. Capture the lightning that is Roadster, harness its fury to your moto-divine wishes and shout out your allegiance to vintage modernity. EXCEPTIONAL CONTROL You’re in total control with the Roadster. The interface is clear and intuitive, on-demand acceleration comes directly from you, or with the thumb throttle, and you have ready access to five power modes. This allows you to go with the flow, put the power down or hang back and extend the ride. Another huge plus comes from the regenerative hydraulic disc brakes: they’ll give you a reliable safety cushion while also returning valuable juice to the battery. ELEGANT DESIGN Performance and comfort combine beautifully in the Roadster’s captivating hydroformed aluminum frame. The front suspension delivers a smooth and pleasing ride, and its LED headlamp captures not only the road at night but an elegant moto spirit of yesteryear made fresh for today. SOUPED-UP POWER The Roadster, with its 1123 watt-hour battery, provides plenty of punch to propel you up to 75 miles on a full charge (it takes only 4.5 hours for a full charge). And in Race Mode, with the powerful-yet-whisper-quiet rear hub motor, you can road rocket up to a giddy 36mph.* *Private property only
Vintage Electric Bikes CAFE
$3,995.00 - $4,445.00
SPEED • 28 MPH RANGE • 20-60 MILES CHARGE TIME • 2 HRS The Vintage Electric Cafe is the commuter electric bike rebooted. This wolf in sheep’s clothing is our equivalent of a 500HP V8…hidden under the hood of the family sedan. With 3X the power of its competitors the Cafe walks quietly, but carries a big stick. Wedged within the mild-mannered-styling of the pedal assist commuter, is a ferocious power plant, producing a surreal level of speed and acceleration. All the benefits of bicycle commuting have been amplified by the electric drive train and vintage-inspired aesthetics, putting the Cafe electric bike in a lane of its own.
Vintage Electric Bikes SCRAMBLER
$6,995.00 - $7,715.00
SPEED • 20/36* MPH RANGE • 40-75 MILES CHARGE TIME • 4.5 HRS SCRAMBLER Built to explore, our Scrambler electric bike is best experienced in the dirt. It’s legacy is dusty and dissident and it will be most appreciated by those who tune to another dance. This electric bike is for those who explore the roads less traveled and prefer fire roads to freeways. It is our homage to an outlaw era when motorcycles evolved from the pavement to the dirt. It is a nod to the ingenuity and creativity that prompted off road motorcycle racing, as well as a glimpse into the future of off road electric bikes. With a 750w drive train and speeds of up 36 mph* the Scrambler will turn an ordinary ride into an extraordinary adventure. INTUITIVE CONTROLS Whether on blacktop or back roads, the Scrambler is poised for performance and everything you need is readily available. On-demand acceleration is delivered via human power, or with a flick of the thumb throttle. Five power modes are available providing as much or as little help as you need. The Scrambler’s powerful regenerative hydraulic disc brakes slow it down under virtually any condition, while simultaneously returning power to the battery. PROVEN PERFORMANCE To boost the Scrambler’s off road ability, we outfitted it with a (way) bigger battery. The massively powerful 1123 watt-hour lithium power unit is unrivaled in the e bike market. You can explore with confidence as the big battery provides power for up to 75 miles on a full charge. The Scrambler’s trail-worthy rear hub motor will light up the fire roads at speeds up to 36mph* in Race Mode. (*private property only) RUGGED DESIGN When the road ends, the Scrambler is just getting started. A rugged suspension fork and terrain-taming Schwalbe knobbies provide off-the-beaten-path capability and trail-proven performance. The rugged hydroformed aluminum frame is dressed in an intimidating matte black livery and crowned with a mesh protected rally-ready yellow LED headlamp.
Vintage Electric Bikes TRACKER
$4,995.00 - $5,715.00
SPEED • 20/36* MPH RANGE • 25-50 MILES CHARGE TIME • 3 HRS TRACKER Much like the Harleys, Indians and Flying Merkels that ruled the raceways of the early 20th century, the Tracker electric bike exemplifies the relationship of human and machine that drives us. As long as vehicles have existed, so has racing, and early motorcycle racing was one of the purest and most visceral examples of the relentless pursuit of speed. That instinct has always consumed us and we’d like to think that the Tracker has channeled that spirit. INTUITIVE CONTROLS Power and control are accessible in a comfortable, intuitive interface. On-demand acceleration is delivered via human power, or with a flick of the thumb throttle. Five power modes are available, providing a ride that’s mild when you need it and wild when you want it. The powerful regenerative hydraulic disc brakes keep things from getting out of control while simultaneously returning power to the battery. CLASSIS PERFORMANCE The Tracker is armed with our classic 720 watt hour battery, providing power for up to 50 miles on a full charge, requiring just 3 hours to fully charge. The potent, silent rear hub motor is capable of a grin inducing 36mph* in Race Mode.(*private property only) TIMELESS DESIGN The swooping hydroformed aluminum frame is optimized for performance and comfort. It provides a confidence-inspiring ride, while dressed in our historic Indy Red. The crown jewel of Tracker’s classic aesthetic is it’s elegant moto inspired LED headlamp.
Emojo Bike Hurricane
Classic Beach Cruiser style with added technology. Beneath the Hurricane appearance lies a stretched frame with a hassle-free 500-watt electric motor and 7-speed gearing. A comfortable, plush saddle and 26-inch Kenda tires create a smooth ride over any surface.
Emojo Bike Panther
The Emojo Panther is a 500W 48V Hybrid Cruiser. With a step-thru frame, the Panther is a stylish bike with all the benefits of a high-performance electric bicycle. Packing a powerful, 500W brushless rear hub motor and Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, the Panther will tackle any hill you find, and you won't even break a sweat.
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