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Burromax eMini Bike TT750R
Speed selectable - 18 or 27 Mph. Adults-Super Fast bike! The coolest little bike in the world ! Everyone who gets on the TT750 Thunderbolt says "Whoa - that's got a lot of torque!" - Its the fun kind for adults 16 and over. This will be your go to pit bike and it's already traveling the woods with hunters and putting smiles on faces at events. This bike has a lot of hit when you twist the throttle and should be all you need for this size bike. The TT750R is in a class of its own in the 750W and below electric mini bikes and it will not disappoint on performance. This is the same basic bike as our other TT series bikes with standard features like a front and rear suspension, rear disc brake, keyed ignition, variable throttle, and a 21" seat height. The noted exception is the performance specification. In addition it has a standard powerful LED Headlight, a new thin line LED tail light, a digital voltmeter and all bikes come with a taller set of handlebars that will accept our accessory items. Enjoy this one!
Stealth Electric Bikes H-52 Moto Bike
$9,360.00 - $12,590.00
Bringing off road action to the suburbs, the H-52 takes it all the way to your back door. Whether it’s sunrise sessions or midnight motocross the H-52 has everything it takes to break the barrier of sound and keep the neighbours on your side. TOP SPEED: 50 mph RANGE: 37 miles WEIGHT: 105 lbs Availibility: These are custom made in Australia and will take 10 to 12 Weeks to deliver. Call/Text us if you have any questions. 262-345-2096. Save on Shipping Charges: $200 Flat Rate for USA
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