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VanRaam GoCab
Call us at 262-345-2096 for details and pricing. The GoCab is a bike taxi with electric power assist for pedalling which can carry eight children safely. The GoCab is particularly suited for childcare and after-school care organisations. With the electric pedal assist it becomes very easy to cycle on the GoCab. You can even cycle in reverse using electric assist. By using the cover, the users can be transported dry and safely. Due to the single front wheel the cycle has a very short turning radius and can be easily manoeuvred. The GoCab can be ridden without a driver’s licence or special insurance. The bike taxi has already won many prizes: the international Eurobike Award, a GIO recognition, an Award in the Dutch design week and the Innovation Award of the Amsterdam Rai.
Triobike Mono
$6,050.00 - $9,115.00
triobike mono The Triobike mono is one of the world’s lightest three-wheeled cargo bikes. The aluminium frame and plastic pod weigh just 95 lbs. The pod is crafted in one seamless piece to be tough and safe and all materials are free from heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Create your perfect Triobike mono cargobike with a colour palette of up to 450 beautiful combinations and enjoy maintenance that’s as easy as a two-wheeled bike. Triobike mono is the safest, easiest and most stylish alternative to buying a car.
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