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Top Speed: 30 mph    Average Run Time: 35 min    Rider Weight: upto 220 Lbs


Pedigree: At Radinn we’ve created jetboards since 2013. And ever since my first prototype I’ve seen the unbridled fascination and joy the Radinn board brings out in people wherever it has been showcased.  We have now completely reinvented our own earlier innovation and launched the World’s first commercially available electric jetboard - a jetboard that is not only powerful but safe, intelligent and extremely fun. The Radinn G2X.

Legacy: Our mission is to make jetboarding available to anyone who hungers for action watersports – and to keep striving for faster, more radical, and safer ways to catch that thrilling ’Radinn wave’.


Best in class performance
Our unique electric drivetrain together with our patented battery technique allows for ’best in class’ performance for jetboarders of all kinds - from beginners to the most seasoned rider.


The sleek lines and look of the G2X has already been recognized by the awarding of gold and silver in two categories at the IDA Design Awards.


Power. Who would have thought it possible to shred through the waters with this kind of thrust – without the need for waves or loud engines you can reach speeds that are sure to make the most seasoned action sports enthusiast fall in love.


Agility. Whether you prefer short rapid moves or long sweeping curves, shifting your bodyweight for control gives you an amazing sensation of fluid motion – perfect freedom! 
The handheld bluetooth control lets you adjust power in a seamless moving transition – further enabling you to focus on smooth gliding across the water, bodily movement and indulging in the experience. 


Range. With cutting edge battery technology the Radinn G2X safely and reliably allows you to go exploring - way beyond what has been possible before. The powerful battery and long range will take you to otherwise hard-to-reach places for entirely new and trail-blazing perspectives on nature - unique experiences at every turn!

Radinn G2X Jetboard - Intermediate Package

Shipping & Delivery
  • Polymer hull: Impact resistant - military grade

    Motor performance: Up to 12kW

    Control throttle: Stepless & wireless, bluetooth 5.0

    Battery pack: Fast exchangeable, Standard 2.8 kWh or XL 3.7 kWh

    Charging time: ULTRAfast charger ~2 hours or Standard charger 6-8 hours

    Handling: Twin fins allows for better response and quicker turns

    Leash: Magnetic kill switch

    Dimensions: 76.5”x 32.9”x 6.7”  1945 x 810 x 170 mm

    Weight: Jetpack & body: 55 Lbs Power Pack: 44 Lbs

    The Radinn app: Service indicator, board & throttle settings, GPS tracking, etc.

    Extras: the WHIPthrottle™ with GoPro fittings

  • MAINLAND USA. shipping (5–10 business days). We can ship anywhere in the mainland USA with a shipping fee of $595 to $995.