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Easy Go (scooter bike)

The compact electric scooter bike is designed for people with stability problems or a variable energy level. There are three options available on this tricycle: you can ride the trike by just pedalling, you can ride it by pedalling with electric pedal support or you can use 100% electric power assist. Because the electric pedal support is standard, you get access to our Van Raam E-Bike App. This App is free and can be used as a luxury cycling computer for Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance.

When you fold the footrest down, you do not pedal anymore and use the cycle as a mobility scooter. This can have variable speed levels. You can easily decide which type of support you want during the cycle ride. This cycle is quite compact and maneuverable and hence, also suitable to use for shopping.

The adjustable double suspension gives you a stable and comfortable driving experience. There is no driving licence or any other driving ability certificate required to ride the Easy Go. However, there must be an insurance done for it.

For all the options available for this bike, see our configurator or the pricelist of the Easy Go.

Easy Go (Scooter Bike)

  • SKU 371-0000
    Inside leg length (adjustable) 78-90 cm
    Boarding height (adjustable) 28,5 cm
    Weight Bicycle +/- 64 kg
    Max. cycle length 166 cm
    Max. cycle width 71,5 cm
    Wheel size front 16"
    Wheel size back 20"
    Brakes Adjustable
    Standard color (customizable) Antraciet gray
    Max. User weight 140 kg
    Battery Li-Ion 36V 12Ah
    Standard including Electromotor, app, lightning, lock, bell, basket frontside, parking brake etc