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Velo Plus (Wheelchair Transporter)

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is designed for transporting people, who can remain seated in their own wheelchair, by cycle. The passenger is not required to be transferred between the wheelchair and the cycle. The co-rider can be wheeled on to the plateau of the cycle easily without having to be lifted. The tilted ramp makes it easy to roll the wheelchair on to the wheel-chair bike and fasten it properly with the wheelchair lock. The optional winch system makes this even easier. Instead of the driver using his or her own power to push the wheelchair user including the wheelchair up or down, the electric winch takes over.


The wheelchair transport bike has a new modern design with oversized rear frame, improved driving experience, better stability and improved functions. Read the details about these changes  in the article: The brand new VeloPlus wheelchair bike.


The low positioning of the chair on the cycle makes the ride easier and gives a lower centre of gravity. The widely placed and extra steered front-wheels ensure a reduced turning radius and hence, stability. The electric engine may be optionally used for power assist during cycling. The VeloPlus is mostly used in institutions or homes for transporting various persons. For all the options available for this bike, see our configurator or the pricelist of the VeloPlus.



  • Forward & Reverse 
  • Pedel Assist & Throttle


Standard equipment

  • Automatic battery lights
  • Hydraulic brakes front
  • V-brakes rear
  • Drifter gel saddle
  • AXA defender lock
  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Parking brake
  • Wheelchair lock
  • Hip belt
  • Wheelchair fixation
  • Wheelchair protection
  • Five year guarantee on frame


Additional Equipment Included

  • Throttle with launch control and mirror


Optional Equipment

  • Adaptor for childseat $180
  • Extra batterypack,Li-Ion36V 12Ah $880


Three Versions

  • Silver / Blue (Standard Frame, 6-gears)
  • Matt telegrey (Ral 7047) / green (Divisable Frame, 8-gears )
  • Matt telegrey (Ral 7047) / green (Heavy Duty Frame, 8-gears )


Velo Plus (Wheelchair Transporter)

  • SKU 384-0000
    Inside leg length (adjustable) 80-95 cm
    Frame size (adjustable) 52 cm
    Boarding height (adjustable) 28 cm
    Weight Bicycle 64 kg
    Max. cycle length 253 cm
    Max. cycle width 110 cm
    Wheel size front 20"
    Wheel size back 26"
    Brakes Adjustable
    Standard color (customizable) Matt telegrey / green
    Max. User weight driver 110 kg
    Max. User weight passenger incl. wheelchair 140 (reinforced front frame until 200) kg
    Battery Li-Ion 36V 12Ah
    Standard including Lightning, lock, bell, parking brake