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HP Velotechnik 2020 SPECIAL EDITION SCORPION FS26 (Non-Electric)

HP Velotechnik 2020 SPECIAL EDITION SCORPION FS26 (Non-Electric)
$6,280.00 - $8,154.00
Pure Orange Matt
Disc Brakes:
Disc Brake AVID BB7
Sturmey Archer Tripleshift 27 speed
Eyro with battery Headlight
Trike Fenders
Rear Rack
Shocks Rear:
RockShox Monarch RL Air Shock
Marathon Plus
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Scorpion FS 26 - the fully suspended, foldable trike - 20" front wheel / 26" rear wheel


Color: Blue Shade Grey Matt, STURMEY ARCHER Tripleshift 27 gear, Disc Brakes AVID BB7, Light System EYRO with Rechargable Battery, Luggage Rack, Headrest, Rock Shox Monarch air shock, Parking Brake, Schwalbe Marathon Plus, Tri Fender Mudguards, Mirror Left, Hand Rests, Flag, Rain Protection Cover, Water Bottle Set, Frame Lock

Scorpion fs 26: Magnificent Trike Design Meets Outstanding Driving Dynamics

Long wheelbase; clear contours; large, smooth-running wheels; elegantly integrated independent suspension: The dynamic appearance of the Scorpion fs 26 leaves a lasting impression.

You don’t need mountain passes, hairpin bends, or race tracks to enjoy the impressive ride dynamics of the Scorpion fs 26. HP Velotechnik’s agile speed trike also demonstrates its strengths when commuting to work or on a leisurely weekend ride.

A glance at the performance data reveals: This vehicle stands for ultimate performance and meets the highest demands for exclusivity and versatility with its unique equipment options. See for yourself by testing the ideal trike for people for whom every day is becoming ever more extraordinary.

The Full Suspension Chassis
Size Matters: A Long Wheelbase for Smooth Trike Rides
Even your first look at the Scorpion fs 26 will get your pulse racing. The powerful 26-inch rear wheel and striking, integrated Mac Pherson suspension make it unmistakably clear: This speed trike is hungry for asphalt and adrenalin!

But the stunning design features also convince with stable road holding and make traversing obstacles extraordinarily smooth.

With the Scorpion fs 26, you have the best equipment for exhilarating trike tours ready to go. The advanced steering geometry (ASG) system enables you to control the trike smoothly and precisely. You benefit from a small turning circle even though the big rear wheel demands for more space in the chassis. The Scorpion fs 26’s long wheelbase also offers a notably smoother ride, more safety, and supreme ride pleasure – size matters!

The entire chassis is designed using our No Squat suspension design and transmits all of your drive energy to the road without any loss of power. In return, you enjoy complete comfort so that you can lean back and relax while dynamically accelerating, even on rocky roads.


Scorpion fs 26 Standard + Special Edition


  • 20" Front Wheel / 26" Rear Wheel
  • Disc Brake Avid BB7 trike


Color: Blue Shade Grey Matt, Sturmey Archer Tripleshift 27 speed, Disc Brakes AVID BB7, Light System Eyro with Battery, Luggage Rack, Headrest, Rock Shox Monarch air shock, Parking Brake, Schwalbe Marathon Plus, Tri Fender Mudguards, Mirror Left, Hand Rests, Flag, Rain Protection Cover, Water Bottle Set, Frame Lock


  • Sturmey Archer Tripleshift 27 speed $159
  • Disc Brake AVID BB7 $0
  • Light System Eyro Headlight & Tail Light, Rechargable $99
  • Rear Rack $219
  • Headrest for mesh seats adjustable in height and angle, with quick release lever $159
  • Handrests left and right comfortable hand support, mounted on handlebar, removable cushion $139
  • Rear shock ROCKSHOX Monarch RL lightweight air shock, adjustable damping, lock-out, incl. damper pump $259
  • Mudguard set HP Trikefender front 60 mm width, rear SKS 53 mm with spoiler, black $259
  • Parking brake SHIMANO rear wheel V-Brake with thumbshifter $59
  • Marathon Tires $35
  • Rear mirror B&M E wide view angle, easy to adjust, knuckle mounting $69
  • Water bottle set HP VELOTECHNIK 2x0.6 l PE-bottle with HP print, with bottle cages, mounted $59
  • Flag HP VELOTECHNIK double-sided print, with reflective strip $29
  • Rain cover for seats, Ripstop nylon fabric, blue $25
  • Frame lock AXA Victory with removable key, without chain, black $75

$5230 + $1644 = $6874 vs $6280 = SAVING $594


FS26 Non-Electric: SAVE $594
FS20 Non-Electric: SAVE $784

PLUS 26 Electric - SHIMANO STEPS 5000 NEXUS: SAVE $893
PLUS 20 Electric - SHIMANO STEPS 5000 NEXUS: SAVE $843

FS20 - SHIMANO STEPS 8000XT/Di2: SAVE $963
FS26 - SHIMANO STEPS 8000XT/Di2: SAVE $1003

If you have any questions, call us and we will help you configure your HP Trike.

Options can been added after the order is placed. Email us and we will build to your specifications.


ErgoMesh seat

ErgoMesh XL (5 cm wider than ErgoMesh seat)

rear mirror B&M E both sides left and right, mounted to handlebar 69.00

front boom quickadjust compensates extra chain length when front boom is adjusted, QR-levers 189.00

adjustable end stops allow exact positioning of the seat 19.00

side bag mount Mounting for handlebar bags, only for Ergomesh seats, attached to the seat, maximum load 5 kg, left and right, unmounted 139.00

Universal holder for accessories Mounting on the handlebar end (for gearshifts with twist shifters) or on the barend shifter, Ø 22.2 mm tube holder for accessories such as mobile phone holder / GPS devices or bell, max. load 400 grams 42.00

trailer hitch WEBER with HP VELOTECHNIK adapter 139.00

transport cover suitable for all folded HP VELOTECHNIK trikes, nylon fabric 79.00

Streamer clear front fairing, with quickmount system, incl. assembly (not w/PINION and SHIMANO STEPS) 599.00

Chain for frame lock AXA Victory length 100cm 35.00

The Details at a Glance

Your Scorpion plus 20 has these technical refinements on board as standard.

Optional Features for True Individuals

Have you got your own notion of your ideal bike technology? Our modular system enables us to build your trike to meet your needs and desires. A whole range of reliable features and components is available for your trike, all of which have been specially developed to excel in everyday use. 

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This Great Trike Performs Fast Also When Folding Tiny for Transport

With the Scorpion fs 26, HP Velotechnik presented its first full-suspension speed trike with a smooth-running 26-inch rear wheel, that can be folded flat for transportation without the use of tools.

It only takes a minute to fold your Scorpion fs 26 in just a few simple steps into a space-saving package with dimensions of 123 × 83 × 62 cm (49 x 33 x 25"). If you remove the wheels as well, the dimensions reduce even further to a compact 93 × 74 × 54 cm (37 x 29 x 22"). Even with the luggage rack and fenders attached, the Scorpion fs 26 can still be folded up without removing the wheels. I And the chain? The chain rotates around its axis and otherwise reliably remains where it should be, guided by the flexible chain guard tubes.

The best part: When you unfold the trike, HP Velotechnik’s unique, self-locking folding hinge enables you to turn your excited anticipation into pure riding pleasure quickly!

folding recumbent trike for adults scorpion fs 26

Technical Data for the Scorpion fs 26

The outstanding ride of the Scorpion fs 26 is the result of thoroughly engineered performance technology with precise technical specifications. The detailed figures can be found here in the technical data sheet – from the dimensions to the payload, from the seat height to the appropriate rider size. And of course, we are also happy to show you which colors you can choose for your Scorpion fs 26 trike.

  • Seat hight BodyLink: 29 cm (12")
  • Seat height ErgoMesh: 32 cm (13")
  • Seat height ErgoMesh HS plus: 43 cm (17")
  • Seat angle: 41–49° adjustable
  • Wheel size (front wheel): 20" (ISO 406)
  • Wheel size (rear wheel): 26" (ISO 559)
  • Max. tire width: 5 cm (2")
  • Bottom bracket height: 40–45 cm (16–18")
  • Ground clearance: 12 cm (5", statically compressed)
  • Wheelbase: 128 cm (51")
  • Track width: 78 cm (31")
  • Width: 83 cm (33")
  • Length: 187–231 cm (74–91")
  • Turning circle: 5.51 m (18') outward
  • Folded size: 123 × 83 × 62 cm (49 x 33 x 25")
  • Dismantled size: 93 × 74 × 54 cm (37 x 29 x 22")
  • Bottom bracket standard: BSA 68 mm
  • Suspension travel: front 6 cm (2.4") / rear 8 cm (3.1")
  • Weight: from 18.2 kg (41 lbs) incl. pedals
  • Payload: max. 140 kg (309 lbs)
  • Frame material: Aluminum 7005 T6 heat treated
  • Swing arm bearing: maintenance-free
  • Rider height: ca. 1.62 – 2.00 m (5'4" – 6'7")

HP is committed to the quality of their products. Therefore they grant a guarantee of 10 years on the frame and the swing arm bearing of their bikes and trikes.