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HP Velotechnik Gekko FX 20 (foldable)

HP Velotechnik Gekko FX 20 (foldable)
  • Color: Magma Red
  • Color: Deep Blue
  • Color: Custom Color +189
$3,540.00 - $11,441.00
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Gekko fx 20 - the fast folding touring trike - 20" front wheels/20" rear wheel

The Nimble Fast Folding Trike 20" Tires
Gekko fx 20: From Compact Size to Full Riding Pleasure in Ten Seconds

Time for a change of perspective. With the Gekko fx 20, a small change in attitude offers great new prospects. Sit back and relax in the comfortable seat. Raise your legs casually. Enjoy the panoramic view. Plenty of riding pleasure ahead of you!

Speeds up not only your heart rate: The Gekko fx 20 remarkably unfolds into a good deal of riding pleasure. To enable you to carry the Gekko fx 20 quite compactly wherever you’d like to go, the engineers at HP Velotechnik have equipped the foldable version of their nimble touring trike with an amazingly fast, easy-to-operate, sophisticated folding system.

Cunning design: The solid frame construction of the Gekko fx 20 combines safe road holding with sporty handling, precise steering, low weight, and minimal space requirements. The frame cross member, which is bent far back and positioned close to the seat, and the robust, angle- and width-adjustable handlebar ensure easy entry and exit. In addition to innovative bicycle technology, the Gekko fx 20 also benefits from many years of tricycle construction experience of the expert engineers at HP Velotechnik. Tough and with a lot of traction, your Gekko fx 20 is your faithful companion in everyday life and when traveling.

Smiles for everyone: The US-Edition Gekko models not only combine HP Velotechnik quality with an attractive price but also give you several feature-packed setup levels to choose from. To top it all off and set you smiling and riding as soon as possible, we keep these US models ready for immediate shipping with our logistic partners in the USA.

Two configurations were carefully selected to meet the specific preferences of American recumbent enthusiasts for our US Gekko fx 20 models. You can choose between sport-oriented or performance-driven components.

Veterans looking for independence, well-being, and quality of life should get in contact with their local VA Medical Center. Learn about possible funding and opportunities for health and healing through adaptive sports with an HP Velotechnik trike!

single custom color according to RAL-color 


front boom with derailleur tube regardless of shifting option (not with STEPS or PINION)


front boom carbon saves 170 g of weight


length fitting service: distance center of bottom bracket to end of main frame          cm


front boom quickadjust compensates extra chain length when front boom is adjusted, QR-levers


headrest for mesh seats adjustable in height and angle, with quick release lever


handrests left and right comfortable hand support, mounted on handlebar, removable cushion


seat angle adapter Adapter to adjust the backrest in a more upright position, with quick release


Gekko seat pad additional comfortable upholstered seat pad to attach to the normal seat, fastening with buckles, breathable upholstery


adjustable end stops allow exact positioning of the seat


rain cover for seats, Ripstop nylon fabric, blue


drivetrain STURMEY ARCHER Tripleshift/24 24 speed with twist shifters (basic specification)
SRAM X4 rear derailleur / twist shifters, STURMEY ARCHER 3 speed internal gear hub, SHIMANO cassette 11-34, crankset with 46 teeth


drivetrain SHIMANO Nexus 8 Premium 8 speed, internal gear hub with twist shifter, black


drivetrain STURMEY ARCHER Tripleshift/27 27 speed, SHIMANO DEORE rear derailleur, MICROSHIFT / STURMEY ARCHER barend shifters, STURMEY ARCHER 3 speed internal gear hub, SHIMANO cassette 11-36 teeth, crankset with 46
teeth chainring, double sided chainwheel disc


drivetrain SRAM/30 30 speed, SRAM GX rear derailleur, crankset 52-42-30, MICROSHIFT front derailleur, SRAM SL-500 barend shifters, SRAM cassette PG 1050 11–36


drivetrain PINION C1.12  12 speed front gear box, long twist shifter


drivetrain ROHLOFF Speedhub/14 14 speed, black, long twist shifter


E-drive SHIMANO STEPS E5000 SRAM X4 up to 20 mph, SRAM X4 8-speed rear derailleur, Li-Ion battery 418 Wh, 2 A charger, walking aid 4 mph


E-drive SHIMANO STEPS E5000 Nexus Di2 up to 20 mph, SHIMANO Nexus 8 speed Di2 gear hub, Li-Ion battery 418 Wh, 2 A charger, walking aid 4 mph)


E-drive SHIMANO STEPS E8000 ROHLOFF up to 20 mph, incl. ROHLOFF 14 gear internal gear hub, Li-Ion battery 418 Wh, walking aid 4 mph


big battery pack SHIMANO STEPS E5000 / E8000 Li-Ion, 504 Wh, fast charger


E-drive NEODRIVES Z20 with SRAM/30 (from spring 2020) up to 25 km/h, 30 gear derailleur, rear derailleur SRAM GX, handlebar end gear lever SRAM SL-500, cassette SRAM, chainring set 3-speed black, Li-Ion battery 612 Wh, starting aid,
reverse gear, Display position: O above handlebar grip O beside handlebar grip


E-drive NEODRIVES Z20 with PINION C1.12 (available from spring 2020) up to 25 km/h, hub motor, 12 speed PINION C1.12 bottom bracket gearbox, Li-Ion battery with 612 Wh, starting aid, reverse gear, not compatible with streamer,
4 A charger, display position: O above handlebar grip O next to handlebar grip


short cranks 155 mm, recommended for riders under 175 cm (5’7")


tire exchange from SCHWALBE Tryker 40 mm to   O Marathon Plus 47 mm  O Kojak 35mm (SRAM/30 or PINION only)


disc brakes AVID BB7 mechanical, separate brake per front wheel (basic specification)


disc brakes AVID BB7 coupled mechanical, coupled front brakes with one-hand operation, rear disc brake, parking brake function, front brake lever:   O left   O right


disc brakes TEKTRO Auriga hydraulic, separate brake per front wheel, lever reach adjustable


disc brakes TEKTRO Auriga Twin hydraulic, coupled front brakes with one-hand operation and parking brake function, rear disc brake, front brake lever:   O left   O right


disc brakes SHIMANO XT hydraulic, separate brake per front wheel, lever reach adjustable


parking brake SHIMANO rear wheel V-Brake with thumbshifter


light wire routing only twin wires routed through the frame O for hub dynamo   O for tire dynamo


lighting system rechargeable/EYRO up to 30 Lux, rechargeable headlight and sensor rearlight


lighting system SON xs-m disc dynohub/IQ-X with front and rear parking lights, SCHMIDTS ORIGINAL NABENDYNAMO hubdynamo, LED headlight B&M IQ-X, daytime running lights, up to 100 Lux, rear light B&M Toplight Flat S
plus with brake light


lighting system battery/IQ Fly only with E-drive, LED-headlight B&M IQ Fly Premium powered by E-bike battery, up to 80 Lux, rear light B&M Toplight 2C DC


lighting system battery/IQ-X only with E-drive, B&M IQ-X up to 140 Lux


indicator lights system WingBling only in conjunction with electric drive


rear rack 10 mm tube, black powder coating, max. load 55 lbs / 25 kg


side bag mount Mounting for handlebar bags, fixed to the frame, maximum load 5 kg, left and right, unmounted, folding function limited, bike can no longer be pulled on wheels


mudguard set HP Trikefender front 60 mm width, rear SKS 53 mm with spoiler, black


clipless pedals SHIMANO PD-T8000 lightweight, multi-purpose pedal for normal and SPD shoes


pedals with heelstrap and foot clamp left and right easy entry and positive grip, adjustable length, size range   O 8.5" - 11" (22 - 28 cm)   O 10.5" - 13.5" (27 - 34 cm)


water bottle set HP VELOTECHNIK 2x0.6 l PE-bottle with HP print, with bottle cages, mounted


rear mirror B&M E wide view angle, easy to adjust, knuckle mounting   O left   O right


rear mirror B&M E both sides left and right knuckle mounting


rear mirror Mirrycle with barend mounting, also computer mount   O left   O right


rear mirror Mirrycle both sides barend mounting left and right


flag HP VELOTECHNIK double-sided print, with reflective strip


Universal holder for accessories Mounting on the handlebar end (for gearshifts with twist shifters) or on the barend shifter, Ø 22.2 mm tube holder for accessories such as mobile phone holder / GPS devices or bell, max. load 400 grams


speedometer mount for computers or battery lights, incl. sensor bracket for front wheel


air horn AIRZOUND XL about 30-115 dB


Streamer clear front fairing, with quickmount system, incl. assembly (not w/PINION and SHIMANO STEPS)


transport cover suitable for all folded HP VELOTECHNIK trikes, nylon fabric


frame lock AXA Victory with removable key, without chain, black


Chain for frame lock AXA Victory length 100cm



Top Virtues of the Gekko fx 20

Travel suitability
Everyday strength

Your Gekko fx 20 Shows Ergonomics at It’s Best

Finally, a cycle on which you’d like to remain seated for another round after the tour. In terms of ergonomics, your Gekko fx 20 is far superior to conventional upright bikes. Instead of balancing your whole body weight on a small, hard saddle, lean back comfortably in the wide mesh seat. The incline of the anatomically shaped backrest can be variably adjusted. It offers pleasant back support and relieves your spine. Relax: You can simply forget about an aching bottom, numb private parts, aching spinal discs or a stiff neck.

To make it easy for you to get in and get out the frame cross member that connects the front wheels is bent backward in such a way that you can put your feet securely on the ground close to the seat. Smaller
riders will appreciate the built-in, extra wide heel clearance of the Gekko fx 20.

In the recumbent position you spare your knees when pedaling and can systematically regulate the stress of the muscles during fitness training. The sporty pedal position of the Gekko fx 20 enables an optimal power support in the seat and gives you a streamlined, fully relaxed posture. Due to the open upper body posture, constricting pressure on the abdomen and your organs is avoided. Instead, the lungs can fully enlarge and bring your cardiovascular system to full capacity. Learn fast on the Gekko fx 20: Riding pleasure is the best heart rate accelerator!

Optional Features for True Individuals

Have you got your own notion of your ideal bike technology? Our modular system enables us to build your trike to meet your needs and desires. A whole range of reliable features and components is available for your trike, all of which have been specially developed to excel in everyday use.

Details Make the Difference


Folding Tricycle with a Unique Twist

Particularly useful: All components remain mounted on the trike – unlike conventional folding trikes, in which the seat, wheels or rack must be removed first and transported separately. All this is made possible by HP Velotechnik’s patented Dual Flat Fold (D.F.F.) folding system, which uses only two quick-release levers for the Gekko fx 20. With little practice, you can fold your Gekko fx 20 into a compact size of 83 x 52 x 82 cm (32¾ x 20½ x 32 1/3") in ten seconds.

Your advantage: After the swift folding, the package can be parked vertically to save space. So you can carry it easily in winding staircases or through train doors. On the platform, you simply wheel the folded Gekko fx 20 on its integrated transport wheels.

Specifications and Technical Data

The outstanding ride of our nimble tadpole trike is of course based on thoroughly engineered performance technology with precise technical specifications. The detailed figures can be found here in the technical data sheet – from the dimensions to the payload, from the seat height to the appropriate rider size. And of course, we are also happy to show you which colors you can choose for your Gekko fx 20.

  • Seat height: 35 cm (13.7")
  • Seat angle: 39–47°
  • Wheel size (front wheel): 20" (ISO 406)
  • Wheel size (rear wheel): 26" (ISO 559)
  • Max. tire width: 5 cm (2")
  • Bottom bracket height: 38–48 cm (15 – 19")
  • Ground clearance: 13 cm (5 1/8")
  • Wheelbase: 100 cm (39 1/3")
  • Track width: 78 cm (31")
  • Width: 83 cm (33")
  • Length: 165–197 cm (65 –78")
  • Turning circle: 4,25 m (14´) outward
  • Folding size: 83 × 52 × 82 cm (32¾ x 20½ x 32 1/3")
  • Bottom bracket standard: BSA 68 mm
  • Weight: from 15,8 kg (35 lbs) incl. pedals
  • Payload: max. 130 kg (286 lbs)
  • Frame material: Aluminum 7005 T6 heat treated
  • Rider height: ca. 1,60 – 2,00 m (5'3"– 6'6")
HP is committed to the quality of our products. Therefore they grant a guarantee of 10 years on the frame and the swing arm bearing of their bikes and trikes.