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Ice Trikes Full Fat

Ice Trikes Full Fat
$5,844.00 - $9,343.00
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Rider weight limit of 275 lbs/125 kg.

Make easy work of challenging terrain with ICE's Full Fat trike. This expedition-tough rig rolls over mud, sand, snow, and rough trail, giving you greater freedom to ride wherever, whenever. Built of chromoly steel and 7005 aluminum, the Full Fat is stiff and durable. The ergonomic seat positions you for comfort, pedaling efficiency, and stability, enabling all-day excursions without back, neck, or hip pain. The 100mm of rear wheel suspension also helps out. And it's easy to load up, because the Full Fat folds for easy storage and transportation. ICE trikes are custom-built; shown here and described in the spec field is a popular build kit. Contact us to make your Full Fat trike exactly how you want!


The Full Fat now features a new designed easy access swept cruciform and a new handlebar clamping system with super secure indexed clamps ensuring easy alignment when unfolding and solid handlebar positioning.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Maria Leijerstam's incredible, World Record setting Antarctic South Pole Trike expedition. We are giving away a signed copy of Maria's book: "Cycling to the South Pole: A World First" with all new ICE Full Fat trike purchases.

We're also launching a very special go anywhere Ultimate Full Fat trike model. Fully equipped with full suspension, Shimano STEPs E8000 Electric Assist and much more. See Ultimate Full Fat.

If the Full Fat can make it to the South Pole it can take virtually anything you can throw at it. An expedition-tough trike, originally designed for record-setting, the Full Fat combines durability, reliability and specialist features for conquering the most challenging terrain. Rough trails, sand, snow, and mud; if you pedal, it’ll take you there.

The ICE Full Fat is built on an optimised ICE frame featuring Compact Flat Twist Fold, No Brake Steer, Rider Positioning System and wide range gearing. Find out more in our tech secton. Find out more about Maria Leijerstam's World record visit

Rider weight limit 275lbs / 125kg


Trike Model: Full Fat 26 RS
Configuration No.228585

  • Frame Kit: Full Fat 26RS Orange - includes boom, back end and steering assembly
  • Front Suspension: No front suspension
  • Rear Suspension: Rear suspension
  • Controls: Standard control layout
  • Brakes: Avid BB7 disc brakes
  • Kingposts: Steering Kingposts RIGID pair, for Full Fat
  • Front Wheels: Pair of 26" front wheels for Full Fat
  • Axle Choice: Pair of front axles for Full Fat
  • Brake Pack: Brake levers, cables and calipers for Avid BB7 disc brakes
  • Gearing Pack: 8 Speed - Microshift Bar Ends, Claris rear derailleur/11-32 cassette
  • Rear Wheel: Full Fat, 26 inch, Alex Blizzerk rim, Chosen hub
  • Chainset: SRAM S600 (44/32/22) + Shimano Deore front derailleur
  • Seating: Full Fat Ergo-Flow Mesh Seat complete with mounts
  • Chaintubes: Full Fat 8SP
  • Parking Brake: Velcro parking brake strap (pair)
  • On the Road pack: No On the Road (OTR) pack
  • Tire Set: Jumbo Jim 4 inch wide (100-559)
  • Inner Tube Set: SV13J Fat tube Presta


moboevo recommends to use the ICE configurator to design the perfect ICE Trike for you. Work through the categories one at a time, and at the end you will be shown a price for the trike you have selected. There will be the opportunity to add accessories, then send the completed configuration to moboevo and we will order and build your ICE Trike and keep you in the loop. We will send you the the anticipated delivery date, traking info, and once your trike arrives at our shop we will send you photos and a video of the entire build. We will set an appointment that works with your schedule for fiting and adjustments. moboevo will also Deliver your trike FREE or charge within 100 miles of our shop. Call or email us and see what promotions we are running.


Choose your model, suspension, brakes, tires and gearing, electric drive, battery and accessories or get the perfect ICE trike for those with specific needs. We are her to help answer any of your questins.




DO YOU WANT THE STEPS 6100 SYSTEM? Check out the FAST TRACK Adventure or do a CUSTOM BUILD.

DO YOU WANT THE STEPS 8000 SYSTEM? Do the Custom Configuration on ICE website and send us the configuration code. See CUSTOM BUILD.

Shimano E-Assist systems System.

Shimano STEPS – Available on most ICE Folding trikes.

Please note that STEPS is not available as a retro fit kit.

Beautifully integrated into our trikes, the Shimano STEPS Electric assist systems give the push you need to explore further with ease.


With the integrated 250w motor mounted at the front of the trike, the battery mounted under the trikes seat, a handlebar mounted computer and controller for easy access and a neat, well protected wiring loom, the whole system blends in and keeps your trike looking as great as ever. Available in two models and now with optional fully automatic electronic gear shifting at the push of a button and integrated smart lighting.

Shimano Steps E6100 Drive Unit

Shimano STEPS E6100

The Shimano STEPS E6100 system includes a powerful motor with a smooth output. Providing a seamless and easy ride from a standing start even on steep inclines. Featuring a powerful 250w electric motor, 60Nm torque, 504 Wh battery. Choose between High, Normal, Eco and Walk modes. Supports speeds up to 25 km/h or 20mph depending on regional regulations.

Shimano STEPS E8000

The Shimano STEPS E8000 system includes a powerful motor with a smooth output. Providing a seamless and easy ride from a standing start even on steep inclines. Featuring a powerful 250w electric motor, 70Nm torque, 418 Wh or 504 Wh battery. Choose between Boost, Trail, Eco and Walk modes. Supports speeds up to 25 km/h or 20mph depending on regional regulations.

Shimano Steps E6100 Cycling Computer

The easy to read LCD computer and its control unit have a clear and intuitive interface, loaded with functionality. Compact, fully weather resistant and durable. Bluetooth technology lets you adjust modes and setting of your ride from your smartphone. The computer will keep you up to date with all the information you need throughout your ride.
Shimano Di2 Software
The Shimano STEPS runs, as standard, with Di2 software communication and Bluetooth technology. This software allows ICE dealers to quickly and simply run a full diagnostics test at your convenience as part of a general service.
Di2 Electronic Automatic Gear Shifting
Alfine 8 speed Di2 hub gives the trike electronic gear shifting at the push of a button. The additional Start Mode setting will automatically change to a low gear when the trike comes to a stop to allow for an easy getaway. The electronic Di2 hub also comes with an optional automatic shifting function for less experienced riders, or for riders who have had trouble shifting gear in the past; this function simply changes gear for you. The non Di2 Alfine 8 hub gear shifting system is also available for a more traditional mechanical feel.
Integrated Lighting
The Shimano STEPS system comes with an optional integrated 6v DC power output for powerful lighting. A great choice for a completely seamless system.
Shimano Steps Batteries

The E6100/8000 system comes with a high quality 36V/14Ah (504 Wh) Shimano lithium-ion battery. Securly key locked to the trike using the low stable mounting point, the battery can be conveniently charged in situ on the trike or away from the trike.



There's no denying that the Full Fat is a big trike, but nonetheless it still features our industry leading ICE Compact Flat Twist frame, allowing the trike to fold quickly and easily.

ICE Full Fat Folded


A high cruciform and three 26” wheels gives excellent ground clearance over rugged terrain. Large volume, low pressure tyres provide float and traction over soft terrain and bumpy trails.
ICE Full Fat Front View


Fitted as standard to the Full Fat, and comprised of a seat frame and cover, the Ergo-Flow seat has been designed to provide optimum back support. The cover features breathable fabrics to maximise airflow, whilst cushioning in the base and side bolsters enhances comfort.
The tension in the back can be easily adjusted to suit the rider, and there is a handy weather-sealed pocket for small items such as keys and phones at the top.ICE Full Fat Seat


The Full Fat is available with a wide range of options, including suspension, gearing, and components. All trikes are built individually to order, so you can specify your perfect trike.
ICE Full Fat Frame Close Up


Most folding ICE Trikes can be fitted with the Shimano STEPS E-Assist System. Beautifully integrated, available in two models:

E6100 - Powerful 250w electric motor, 60Nm torque, 418Wh or 504Wh battery, Bluetooth connectivity, optional automatic rear hub gear shifting.

E8000 - Powerful 250w electric motor, 70Nm torque, 418Wh or 504Wh battery, Bluetooth connectivity, optional XT Di2 electronic gear shifting.

ICE E-assist Shimano Steps


Large Wheel for low rolling resistance
Rear Suspension
Compact Flat Twist Fold
Rigid Front
Front Suspension
Available with E-Assist
ICE Ergo-Flow Mesh Seat
Overall width

38.8" (985mm)

Overall height
33.5"-35.4" (850mm-900mm)
Overall length
76"-84.6" (1930mm-2150mm)
Folded width

38.8" (985mm)

Folded height
28.3"-38.2" (720mm-970mm)
Folded length
31.1"-44.9" (790mm-1140mm)
Seat height
16.5" (420mm)
Seat width
14.5" (380mm)
Seat depth
11" (280mm)
Seat angle adjust
38 - 51 degrees

Turning circle
19'4" (5.9m)
Rider weight limit
275lbs (125kg)
Overall weight (from)
49.2lbs (22.3kg)
Rider size (X-seam)
37" - 50" (940mm - 1270mm)
Track width
33.5" (850mm)
Wheel base
46.1" (1170mm)
Ground clearance (ride height adjusted)
10.4" (265mm)
Suspension Travel Rear
4" (100mm)
Suspension Travel Front (optional)
1.5" (40mm)


ICE Full Fat Recumbent Trike

The ICE Full Fat is a radical trike with real off-road credentials. Rock, mud, sand, snow, root strewn trails and gnarly track, the ICE Full Fat is built to tackle it all. The ICE Full Fat FS evolved from an ICE custom-made trike, which was ridden across Antarctica to the South Pole in December 2013. Elements of the original, like the heat-treated 4130 chromoly frame and oversized rims and tyres have been combined with components suited to tackle a range of off-road conditions. On this version they include a Rohloff XL 14-speed gear hub, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and suspension front and rear. The C.F.T. hinge allows the trike to be folded for easier transportation to the trail. The ICE Full Fat is an expedition-tough trike, for wherever you want to ride.

ICE Full Fat Recumbent Trike Build at moboevo