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Stealth Electric Bikes F-37 (38 MPH)

Stealth Electric Bikes F-37 (38 MPH)
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$8,550.00 - $11,600.00
Fast Ace
Duro Razorback
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When your trail riding needs elevating to the next level, the F-37 is your weapon of choice. Commonly referred to as the B-52’s baby brother, the F-37 has the pace and agility to carve it up like no other.

Offering Stealth’s renowned hybrid-electric drivetrain combined with its proven Speed Drive two-speed transmission, the F-37’s simplicity is also its strength. Its long travel suspension package and ergonomically designed cockpit are modeled for ultimate maneuverability, whether in flight or glued to the trail.

TOP SPEED: 38 mph
RANGE: 60 miles
WEIGHT: 88 lbs

Availibility: These are custom made in Australia and will take 10 to 12 Weeks to deliver. Call/Text us if you have any questions. 262-345-2096.

Save on Shipping Charges: $200 Flat Rate for USA

High Performance Upgrades


With great speed come hard hits. The faster you go, the harder they get.


Standard issue on the F-37 are tough and dependable 200mm travel front forks from Fastace.  Tuned and spec’d by the Stealth team before delivery, this is a great all round package for riders who want to mix their riding styles.

DVO Emerald

For those looking to take their riding to the next level, DVO’s Emerald Inverted fork offers a super plush ride with lots of adjustability.

Every piece of this product is designed with the mindset of innovation. It was built to stir things up, change how people viewed suspension in general, and give rider’s the best suspension experience possible. The dual crown fork’s inverted design and Carbon Torsion Arch, along with easily accessible shim stacks that put this fork on the radar of riders and racers looking for something that really stands out.


With great power comes the next turn… fast.

Magura MT5 Brakes
When it comes to stopping power, the standard issue German made Magura MT5’s offer 4 piston hydraulic brake calipers for German stopping precision with no more than 2 fingers on the levers. For the majority of riders, the MT5 provides all of the stopping power needed to ride safely and efficiently on rough terrain.
Magura MT7 Brakes
For pilots in that top 10%, the Magura MT7’s provide tool-less reach and bite point adjustment allowing you to fine tune your brakes on the fly. Performance is further enhanced with the MT7’s monoblock brake pads significantly improving heat dissipation while increasing bite on the leading edge.

Traction is everything so choosing the right tyre for your application is crucial

Duro Razorback
Off Road
The Duro Razorback offers excellent traction in loose and muddy terrain. Its aggressive knobby tread pattern allows riders to attack the harshest trails at high speed with confidence and accuracy.
Schwalbe Crazy Bob
The Schwalbe Crazy Bob has a unique wrap around semi-slick tread pattern which provides excellent grip on harder surfaces. Its reduced rolling resistance, the minimises noise while improving range and high-speed cornering.

Speed & Performance

Fast track your ride

60 km/h


100 km

60 miles

65 dB

@50 km/h

The F-37’s torquey brushless DC hub motor and high power to weight ratio effortlessly accelerates pilots to speeds of up to 60km/h, leaving all competitors in its dust. Range, efficiency and acceleration can be further improved by transmitting pedal power to the rear wheel via the 2-speed, internally geared bottom bracket.

In economy mode with moderate pedaling, F-37 pilots can expect a range of up to 100km@25km/h (60 miles@15mph).  When competition mode is engaged and the red mist comes down, a wide open run on the trails will achieve up to 40km (25 miles) on a full charge.

Electrical & Power

Power to the pedals

3,700 W


1,500 Wh




Stealth’s proprietary DC-1 display allows all Stealth owners to read real-time data and vital stats such as speed, battery consumption, range estimation and efficiency at a glance. It’s intuitive layout and easy to access menus create a use friendly experience for even the most novice riders.

In a world where efficiency and reliability means everything, Stealth’s solid state, digital inverter technology has absolutely no moving parts, eliminating wear and tear.

Tried and tested, the F-37’s 1.5kWh lithium ion battery offers uncompromised safety and reliability on the trails taking you further, for longer. With a 3-hour recharge time, all Stealth customers are given the convenience of plugging in to any 110/240V household outlet to stock up on those vital electrons.

Suspension & Braking

Brake late and turn

200 mm

Front travel

200 mm

Rear Travel


Hydraulic Brakes

Standard issue on the F-37 are 200mm travel front forks from Fastace.  Tuned and spec’d by the Stealth team, this is a great all-round package for riders who want to mix their riding styles.  Preload, compression and rebound adjustments are simple to tune for a variety of terrain.

When it comes to stopping power, the standard issue German made Magura MT5’s offer 4 piston hydraulic brake calipers for German stopping precision with no more than 2 fingers on the levers.

When slowing down or coasting, pilots can also activate the Regen braking, which recovers kinetic energy feeding it back into the battery pack, further enhancing range and ride time.

Frame & Dimensions

Adjustability for a wide range of riders

With over 10 years of intensive R&D, the Stealth F-37’s proven monocoque chassis design has taken thousands of devoted customers soaring to new heights. Hand built using the highest quality, aircraft certified CroMoly alloys the F-37’s latest frame evolution is lighter and tougher than ever before.

Dimensionally the Stealth F-37 comes in a large frame size with enough adjustability to suit most riders ranging from 162cm (5’4”) up to 193cm (6’4”) and a maximum rider weight of 120kg.

The F-37’s footprint shares a similar profile to that of a large frame downhill mountain bike meaning that you can still load it on to your heavy-duty bike rack, or easily transport it in an elevator or small van.


Jack Field vs The Stealth F-37