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VanRaam Easy Go (Electric Scooter Bike)

VanRaam Easy Go (Electric Scooter Bike)
$9,775.00 - $11,204.00
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The compact electric scooter bike is designed for people with stability problems or a variable energy level. There are three options available on this tricycle: you can ride the trike by just pedalling, you can ride it by pedalling with electric pedal support or you can use 100% electric power assist. Because the electric pedal support is standard, you get access to our Van Raam E-Bike App. This App is free and can be used as a luxury cycling computer for Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance.

When you fold the footrest down, you do not pedal anymore and use the cycle as a mobility scooter. This can have variable speed levels. You can easily decide which type of support you want during the cycle ride. This cycle is quite compact and maneuverable and hence, also suitable to use for shopping.

The adjustable double suspension gives you a stable and comfortable driving experience. There is no driving licence or any other driving ability certificate required to ride the Easy Go. However, there must be an insurance done for it.

For all the options available for this bike, see our configurator or the pricelist of the Easy Go.

Standard Equipment

  • Silent HT Motor (pedal support)
  • Carrier
  • Differential
  • Plastic chain protection
  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Parking brake
  • Lock
  • Frame suspension
  • Lighting
  • Foldable footplate
  • Five year warantee on frame
  • Access to E-Bike app


  • Bicycle, electrical bicycle and scooter bike
  • Compact, stable and agile
  • You are still cycling
  • Possible to move without cycling
  • Easily to switch between three different types of driving
  • Can go forwards and backwards
  • Short turning radius
  • Fits through a normal door
  • More compact than a mobility scooter
  • Anti-tipping wheels

Standard Frame Color +$0

  • Dark Shadow / Silver 

Optional Frame Color +$79

  • Gloss Black / Silver
  • Matt Black / Silver
  • Silver / Silver
  • White / silver
  • Royal Blue / Silver
  • Matt Blue / Silver
  • Ocean Green / Silver
  • Apple Green / Silver
  • Yellow / Silver
  • Fire-Red / Silver 

Special RAL Color with Silver +$164

  • Special Color (RAL color) / Silver

Contact us and we can guide you towards the right cycle that will fit your body and your cycling goals as well as your abilities or special needs. 262-345-2096


Crank Options

  • Crank shortened, left
  • Crank shortened, right 

Pedal Options

  • Pedal extension 2 cm, left 
  • Pedal extension 2 cm, right 
  • Pedal extension 4 cm, left 
  • Pedal extension 4 cm, right 
  • Balance pedal with instep belt, left
  • Balance pedal with instep belt, right

Foot Options

  • Foot fixation FIX 20, left (shoe size 22 to 36) 
  • Foot fixation FIX 20, right (shoe size 22 to 36) 
  • Foot fixation FIX 25, left (shoe size 37 to 48) 
  • Foot fixation FIX 25, right (shoe size 37 to 48) 

Control Options

  • Easy shift, for gears 
  • Direction indicator left / right 
  • All the handlebar controls on the left side

Safety & Comfort

  • Hip belt standard seat 
  • Hip belt comfort seat 
  • 4-points harness standard seat 
  • 4-points harness comfort seat
  • Armrests Standard seat 
  • Armrests Comfort Seat 
  • Back pillow 5cm thick 
  • Comfort Seat (35x23 cm) 
  • Comfort Seat XL (43x28 cm)

Assist Options

  • Crutch-holder back side, double
  • Walker holder bracket

Extra Batteries & Chargers

  • Extra battery pack (36V, 11,2Ah) 
  • External charge point Li-Ion 
  • Upgrade battery 24.8 Ah instead of 11.2 Ah
  • Extra battery pack, 36V 24.8 Ah



Inside leg length (adjustable)

78-90 cm / 30.7"-35.4"

Boarding height (adjustable)

28.5 cm / 11.2"

Weight Bicycle

+/- 141 lbs

Max. cycle length

166 cm / 65.35"

Max. cycle width

71.5 cm / 28.15"

Wheel size front


Wheel size back




Standard color (customizable)

Antraciet Gray

Max. User weight

308 lbs

Standard including

Electromotor, app, lightning, lock, bell, basket frontside, parking brake etc.



Mobility scooter bike Easy Go

In the video below you will see how the compact Easy Go (mobility scooter trike / scooter bike) from Van Raam works. The Easy Go mobility scooter bike is an unique tricycle because this adjusted bike can be used in 3 different ways: 1. You can ride the trike by just pedaling. 2. You can ride it by pedaling with electric pedal support and it is possible to ride backwards. 3. You can use 100% electric power assist (Forwards and backwards).

VanRaam Easy Go Electric Scooter Bike at moboevo

VanRaam EasyGo electric scooter bike. This electric bikes comes with three ride modes. Ride the trike just by peddling, paddling with electric assist or 100% electric power assist and goes in reverse. When you fold the foot rest down you do not pedal anymore and use the cycle as a mobility scooter. The Easy Go can handle up to 310 pounds.