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VanRaam Easy Rider Jr (Small Adult/Kids Tricycle)

VanRaam Easy Rider Jr (Small Adult/Kids Tricycle)
$3,950.00 - $7,560.00
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The Easy Rider Junior tricycle is specially designed for children, who have difficulties with stability. This sturdy and smooth tricycle with a low step through has a seating with backrest and therefore, gives more support than a cycle with a regular saddle. The frame has a suspension for optimal comfort. The comfortable forward pedalling position makes the cycle sporty. The Easy Rider Junior is available with various options, such as a direction indicator set, arm rests, foot fixation and an electric engine for power assist.

Standard equipment

  • Differential
  • Plastic chain protection
  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Parking brake
  • Steering limiter
  • Frame suspension
  • Seat size M
  • Lighting
  • Five year guarantee on frame


  • Comfortable sitting
  • Perfect driving comfort
  • Tough and sporty appearance 
  • Suspended Frame for optimal comfort
  • Short turning radius
  • Fits through a normal door
  • Fresh exterior 

Contact us and we can guide you towards the right cycle that will fit your body and your cycling goals as well as your abilities or special needs. 262-345-2096


  • 8-Speed freewheel, hydraulic brakes $0
  • 8-Speed with back-pedal-brake and backwards function $0


  • Silent electric HT Li-ion, 36V, 11.2 Ah (pedaling required)
  • Extra battery pack (36V, 11.2Ah)
  • Additional cost battery 24.8 Ah instead of 11.2 Ah
  • Extra battery pack, 36V 24.8 Ah 
  • External charge point Li-Ion
  • Switch between the "Cube" batteries
  • Lighting on electrical system (front and rear)
  • Personal Program Electro Silent 

Standard Frame Color $0

  • Apple Green/Silver

Special RAL Color with Silver +$170

Crank Options

  • Crank shortened, left 
  • Crank shortened, right 
  • Crank shortened custom, left
  • Crank shortened custom, right 
  • Eccentric Crank, left 
  • Eccentric Crank, right 
  • Stationary crank with spring, left 
  • Stationary crank with spring, right 

Pedal Options

  • Pedal extension 2 cm, left
  • Pedal extension 2 cm, right 
  • Pedal extension 4 cm, left 
  • Pedal extension 4 cm, right 
  • Balance pedal with instep belt, left 
  • Balance pedal with instep belt, right 

Foot Options

  • Foot fixation FIX 20, left (shoe size 22 to 36) 
  • Foot fixation FIX 20, right (shoe size 22 to 36) 
  • Foot fixation FIX 25, left (shoe size 37 to 48) 
  • Foot fixation FIX 25, right (shoe size 37 to 48) 
  • Under leg Fixation small w/o foot fixation, left (FIX20) 
  • Under leg Fixation small w/o foot fixation, right (FIX20) 
  • Under leg Fixation large w/o foot fixation, left (FIX25) 
  • Under leg Fixation large w/o foot fixation, right (FIX25) 

Control Options

  • Easy shift, for gears 
  • Double brake-grip 
  • Handlebar controls left, gear shift, brake lever and bell
  • Handlebar controls right, gear shift, brake lever and bell
  • Direction indicator left / right 

Safety & Comfort

  • Hip belt 
  • Comfort Seat L (35x23 cm) 
  • Comfort Seat L (35x23) including backrest 
  • Head support for reclining bicycle seat 
  • 4-point safety harness (only for comfort seat) 
  • Armrests to fold 
  • Loop Handlebar (40 x 15cm) 
  • Loop Handlebar (40X15cm) with push brake 
  • Push bar 

Assist Options

  • Lock which you can serve with one hand
  • Lighter Gear Ratio 
  • Crutch-holder back side, double
  • Walker holder bracket 


  • Mirror 
  • Speedometer 
  • Battery light 
  • Second rear light
  • Basket, large (49x29x17cm)
  • Guardrail hub cap 



 Inside leg length (adjustable)

 47-73 cm / 18.5"-28.7"

 Boarding height (adjustable)

 35 cm / 13.8"

 Weight Bicycle

 +/- 34 kg / 75 lbs

 Max. cycle length

 175 cm / 5'9"

 Max. cycle width

 75 cm / 29.5"

 Wheel size front 


 Wheel size back




 Standard color (customizable)

 Apple Green / Silver

 Max. User weight

 80 kg / 176 lbs

 Standard including

 Lighting, lock, bell, parking brake etc


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